"I’ve been using Pour Moi Climate-Smart skincare from France for years now— and I never got more compliments on my skin. I love it!"

- Molly Fay of The Milwaukee Morning Blend

The smartest decision Wisconsinites can make about caring for their skin is to follow the weather.

Wisconsin is known to fit all seasons into one week. Voilà, here is the skincare that can handle this!

Hot humid summer can be as damaging to skin as a cold, dry winter BUT not with Climate-Smart Pour Moi

Here's the breakdown of the four products and how they work together

And yes, you can also buy each product separately.



Hydrating Balancer - Humid Conditions

You start your daily routine by applying one or two drops of our quenching Hydrating Balancer specific for humid seasons and locations.

In Milwaukee, it’s humid conditions for two seasons: Spring-to-Summer (April, May, June) and Summer-to-Fall (July, August, September)

This luxurious anti-aging product instantly hydrates and softens deeper surface layers even on the most humid day; delivers the first dose of effective anti-aging actives; and functions as a smart prep for the steps to follow.

Use mornings and evenings for impactful results.

FYI: In October, you’ll need to switch to the Hydrating Balancer for arid seasons and locations, as winter is cold and dry in Milwaukee.



Blue Serum - Mild Conditions

Follow immediately with one small pump of our Blue Serum specific for very humid summer-to-(early)fall conditions.

This humidity-fighting serum is infused with an innovative mix of antioxidant-rich French marine actives and lightweight hydra-sugars for clear, balanced, youthful-looking skin despite the sticky weather.

The TODAY SHOW lists Blue Serum as one of  Summer 2022 Best Sweat-Proof Beauty Product

Use mornings and evenings for best results.

FYI: You’ll need to switch to the Black Serum in October. As the weather gets cold and dry, that’s the serum specifically formulated to work in those coming climatic conditions.

There are a few more Climate-Smart® products we highly recommend for youthful summer skin in Wisconsin



Environment-Smart Skin Defense Kit

This 3-piece kit bundles together for a special offer our luxurious elegant blue-light defending Botanical Reversal Mask, AND our best-selling vitamin-D-like-boost Sunlight Drop, AND a super-soft, wide 100% cotton hairband.
If you spend excessive time on your device, using the Botanical Reversal Mask for just 2-minutes a day gives you an invisible shield against accelerating aging caused by blue light. Use the Sunlight Drops when mostly indoors or the sky is overcast.

Night is also a climate

Night is also a climate

Night Cream

Night is actually its own unique climate for skin in Twin Cities. When it’s dark and you’re asleep, your skin is working its hardest to rejuvenate.

Our luxurious Night Cream is scientifically designed to pair with skin’s nightly repair process. It beautifies your skin while at rest and works synergistically with the weather-specific Day Cream in the morning.

Don't let the weather dull your glow

Don't let the weather dull your glow

Clarifying Polish

Dermatologists and estheticians agree that an exfoliation & deep cleansing treatment is especially necessary during the summer months.

Use Clarifying Polish twice a week for clean, soft, renewed skin.

Protection Your Skin Against Smoke Pollution

Smoke Alarm Drops

NEW from the Pour Moi Institute in France, consider Smoke Alarm Drops fire insurance for your face!

Our ENVIRONMENT-SMART™ Smoke Alarm Drops are the world’s first concentrated serum drops scientifically formulated to significantly protect and hydrate skin when stressed by smoke. Learn more.
Harmonizes skin with Wisconsin's sticky summer heat

Harmonizes skin with Wisconsin's sticky summer heat

Tropical Moisture-Burst Mask

The first facial mask targeted to ease skin adaptation in hot and humid climatic conditions, the exquisite Tropical Moisture Burst Mask helps balance skin while boosting hydration and skin’s natural radiance and rejuvenation in these climatic conditions.

Implement the mask into your summer routine at least once a week. In the winter, use it during travel to a tropical location such as Florida or the Caribbean.

Ulli live on The Morning Blend

Ulli live on The Morning Blend

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