Facts from NASA and medical research:

Where there’s smoke, there’s NOT always fire (because wildfire smoke spreads thousands of miles, reaching the Midwest and the East Coast)

But where there’s smoke, there’s eventually skin inflammation, damage, and premature aging.

About smoke & skin

About smoke & skin

Your pores are larger in size than super-fine smoke particles

Smoke particles become undetectable to human eyes and noses once picked up by wind currents. You never know they’re in the air if not observed by NASA or detected with instruments.

The size of a smoke particle is smaller than a pore, that’s how one or more can get stuck in your skin, inflaming and irritating the outer skin layers.

There is a solution to this new skin problem. For the very first time, you can smoke-proof your skin while boosting hydration. 

5-years of R&D, our scientifically advanced Smoke Alarm Drops serum is an evidence-based serum booster that significantly protects and hydrates skin when stressed by smoke. Patent pending. 

Includes 2% MOSSCELLTEC™

Includes 2% MOSSCELLTEC™

We combined our Climate-Smart shield technology with a new anti-inflammatory, anti-stress active ingredient system and MossCellTec

Each drop has dual functionality.

  1. It creates a weightless physical shield within the surface layers of your skin, utilizing our patented Climate-Smart shield technology uniquely combined with skin-resilient hero active  MossCellTec™. MossCellTec works using the ancient intelligence of moss DNA, our planet’s first plant, which outlived the most severe environments including long periods of massive fires millions of years ago.
  2. It provides skin with a  recovery boost utilizing  Lipobelle™ Pino C, a powerful calming and repairing Phyto-complex that combines a nanoemulsion of organic hemp seed oil (encapsulated CBD) and Swiss stone pine extract for anti-inflammatory and anti-stress benefits. Think of it as your skin’s yoga mat when stressed from smokey air.

While the Smoke Alarm Drops booster is a beauty product, it doubles as an effective anti-inflammatory agent to smoke-proof skin against smoke in the environment.

If you think that wildfire smoke from the West Coast doesn't affect your skin in the East, think again!

Particles spread over thousands of miles in the atmosphere

Particles spread over thousands of miles in the atmosphere

Wildfire smoke travels thousands of miles wreaking havoc on the global environment, and your skin

NASA observed from space that wildfire smoke particles travel from the West Coast to the Midwest and the East Coast, even as far as Europe.

As these massive fires burn, they unlock a horrendous amount of dangerous smoke that is launched into the atmosphere,  spreading by wind currents across the United States.  That’s why you now get smoke pollution warnings in most places in the US when the fires rage in the West and Canada.

All of our skin is vulnerable, and SO much more.