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Skin Saving Foursome: Pacific Northwest

Why hasn't skincare worked as it should? Scientists discovered why. The climate you're in, changes your skin! We listened and created the first Climate-Smart® skincare.

Access the latest medical and clinical research about climate, skin & skincare




Welcome to the future of skincare!

6 customized Day Creams formulated for where ever you are.

Medical research discovered your skin has its own built-in GPS— it knows exactly where it is. Based on your local climate, your skin radically changes but traditional creams aren’t formulated to change along with it.

The old way of buying products by skin type or age is obsolete.

Our patented skincare is the new science. It’s the first to align with your skin’s specific climatic needs for extraordinary results. Change of season? Traveling? No problem— just change your Day Cream. It’s that easy!

Featured Product

Temperate Day Cream

Best for locations with mild and comfortable weather.

Featured Product

Marine Day Cream

Best for locations with cool but humid conditions.

Featured Product

Polar Day Cream

Best for locations with cold and dry weather.

Featured Product

Desert Day Cream

Best for locations with hot and dry weather.

Featured Product

Mountain Day Cream

Best for elevated locations above 2,000 ft

Featured Product

Tropical Day Cream

Best for locations with hot and humid weather.

The future of skincare is here: geo-moisturization

Climate-Smart® Pour Moi is the world’s first skincare brand to implement what the beauty industry has labeled geo-moisturization: skin hydration based on the location you’re in.



Climate-Smart® put to the real test

Seeing is believing.

Our founder Ulli Haslacher uses Climate-Smart® Pour Moi on one hand only. She saw visible change by 60 days and a complete transformation by one year.

Some dermatologists estimate the perceived age difference between her hands to be as much as 30 years.

Watch Ulli’s transformative video below.



Before & After Study

Look at Jane’s skin texture 30 days after! It’s brighter, more even skin tone with less redness and inflammation. According to Jane “my skin never looked and felt better and I believe 100% in Climate-Smart skincare”!

The results from various independent controlled studies are in...

Throughout 2020, we've conducted studies in different climates. Some of which are completed, others are still in progress. More studies are scheduled for later in the year since they have to be done in different seasons. Study participants vary in ages, ethnicities and skin conditions. They've been rotating their climate-specific Day Creams according to their daily weather. Access complete results.

It's all made in France

"From our innovative lab in France to where ever you are” — Ulli Haslacher, Founder & CEO

When I discovered that everything we’ve been taught about skincare was no longer correct, I was shocked that the beauty industry was not reacting to it. But I had to. My vision was crystal clear. I knew exactly what path had to be taken to launch the world’s first Climate-Smart® skincare.

The path led me to Strand Cosmetics Europe, a world renowned award-winning French skincare laboratory known for formulating some of the most innovative skincare products in the market. Together, after almost a decade of R&D, rigorous testing and perfecting the formulas, the new science of Climate-Smart® skincare is here to disrupt the industry.


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