Climate-Smart® closes the natural gap between your skin’s evolutionary struggle to adjust to different climates with climate-specific formulations so skin can radically  rejuvenate and repair itself.

Millions of years

Millions of years

Skin's evolutionary struggle...what's that?

200 million years ago, our skin did a lousy job not only in adapting to different climate conditions but also in repairing and renewing itself. Fast forward into the 21st century, medical research surprisingly discovered that skin has evolved way beyond what scientists thought was possible.

Your complexion is made up of dead skin cells. What we didn’t know until recently is that these dead skin cells are also biochemically alive and change in different climates. This evolutionary phenomenon is called the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Patented & proprietary

Patented & proprietary

Geo-hydraD Complex™ by climate

It’s the vital operating system of our Climate-Smart formulas. It hydrates skin by climate utilizing inventive shield-building technology AND it keeps the actives stable within the skin to ensure proper efficacy and optimal release in the climate you’re in.

Due to the adaptive nature of our complex, it has the unique ability to self-adjust to meet the skin’s ever-changing needs within the nuances of a specific climate.

Patented and proven

Patented and proven

Why does the Climate-Smart 3-Step Rotating System work when others don't?

Our patented Climate-Smart 3-Step Rotating System works differently than any other skincare method because of Step 3—our innovative step.

For Step 3, you rotate the climate-specific Day Cream depending on the daily weather you’re in and travel to. This way you can personalize your routine for the places and seasons you live in and visit.

Step 1: Quenching Hydrating Balancer jump-starts hydration & anti-aging actions.

Step 2: Drenching Serum stimulates skin’s natural repair & renewal functions.

Step 3 : Rotate the Climate-Smart Day Cream that matches the local weather in order to achieve dual purposes: To optimally lock-in the actives from the previous steps AND to help skin repair, adapt and protect itself.

The future of skincare is here: geo-moisturization

Climate-Smart® Pour Moi is the world’s first skincare brand to implement what the beauty industry has labeled geo-moisturization: skin hydration based on the location you’re in.

Every Climate-Smart® cream works because it's made with the highest scientific expertise in formulating and manufacturing premium skincare

We believe transparency is the first step to safer products that truly deliver on the promise of youthful, healthy looking skin. That's why we disclose where Pour Moi is made.

Made in France

Made in France

Meet Strand & the Pour Moi Institute

Before putting anything on your face you should ask yourself:  Who made my skincare? In the case of Pour Moi, all our products are made by Strand Cosmetics Europe, a MS BeautiLab Company. Strand is located in the Rhone Alps, the home of French chemistry and the dermocosmetology industry.

Known for their state-of-the art R&D labs and manufacturing facilities, Strand is a world-renowned, premium skincare formulator utilizing the highest scientific level of expertise. Some of the world’s most luxurious products are made at Strand and so is Pour Moi.