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“When I discovered that everything we’re taught about skincare was obsolete, I was shocked that the beauty industry was not reacting to it. So, I decided to do it for you and for me.”

— Ulli Haslacher, Founder & CEO Pour Moi Skincare

The Struggle Was Real

The Struggle Was Real

"I tried everything and nothing worked"

A global beauty executive always searching for the latest innovations, I ironically experienced my own skin turning from great to bad. For the longest time, I attributed my skin problems to stress, hormones, wrong products …you name it, I blamed them all.

I was so frustrated searching for an answer that I even started to keep a daily journal of how my skin behaved. That’s when I realized that there was a pattern and my problems were related to the places, more precisely, the local climate I was in.

This was my scientific “aha” moment. 

"I was stunned to learn that the epidermis changes moisture & barrier functions in different climates"

These new findings make traditional skincare by skin type or by age obsolete. What truly effects skincare results is the climate you're in. Welcome to the future of beauty!

The Pour Moi Institute in France

The Pour Moi Institute in France

"My 20+ years in beauty led me to the best in the field to bring Climate-Smart® skincare to life"

After reviewing extensive medical research that confirmed my belief that climate effects the outcome of skincare results, I knew then that product formulating and testing had to also change as well.

Known for their state-of-the art R&D labs and manufacturing facilities, my path lead me to Strand Europe Cosmetics, a MS BeautiLab Company. Strand is a world-renowned, premium skincare formulator utilizing the highest scientific level of expertise.

After almost a decade of R&D, testing and pilot testing, in 2018, together we established  the Pour Moi Institute at Strand.

Did you know that women hold less than 13% of all United States patents?

This is based on a study conducted in 2019 by the USPTO, and Ulli holds three US patents!

My Dad has been the original inspiration behind Climate-Smart® skincare

"Although I started Pour Moi in 2012, I've been unconsciously developing it for decades."

Like father like daughter

Like father like daughter

A lesson from powder coating

It goes back to when I was a little girl. My Dad was in powder coating. In case you don’t know what powder coating is: it’s the process of applying dry paint instead of liquid paint on things like fences and outdoor furniture. This process gives it a more lasting, protective coating that can better withstand the climate stressors such humidity, dry heat, sun and cold.

Traveling all over the world with my passionate Dad, he taught me that various climates effect the same surface differently. How you best protect that surface profoundly depends on the local climate it’s in. That’s when the Climate-Smart® seed was first planted.

And this started my thinking years years later of skin’s complexion as a surface effected and changed by external factors.