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“When I discovered that everything we’re taught about skincare was not correct anymore, I was shocked that the beauty industry was not reacting to it. So, I decided to do it for you and for me.”

— Ulli Haslacher, Founder & CEO Pour Moi Skincare

The Struggle Was Real

The Struggle Was Real

I tried everything and nothing worked

As a beauty expert and a skincare enthusiast who is always searching for the latest innovations, I experienced my skin turning from great skin to bad skin. For the longest time, I attributed my skin problems to stress, hormones, bad products …you name it, I blamed them all.

I was so frustrated with my skin that I started to keep a skin journal. That is when I first realized that my problems were related to the places, or more precisely, the climates I was in. Once I made that connection, I was intrigued and researched further. To my surprise, I learned that everything I knew about skin and also skincare was not correct anymore.

The epidermis changes its moisture and barrier functions to the climate you’re in.

It’s the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) in the epidermis that is responsible for the outer skin’s natural chemical composition and how it changes depending on a climate’s range of temperature and humidity levels. 

The Pour Moi Institute

The Pour Moi Institute

I partnered with one of the leading premium skincare laboratories in France

Advances in cosmetic technology and new ingredients have allowed us to create the first Climate-Smart® skincare system* that mimics the skin’s NMF and therefore “aligns with the skin’s natural climate IQ”. Old-style formulas that are not formulated per climate mostly sit on top of the surface, whereas Climate-Smart® skincare sits WITHIN the skin.

Climate-Smart® means our formulas do a lot more than moisturize.

They help aid and improve the barrier as well as act as an excellent delivery system. The skin cells recognize the NMF components and readily accept it, along with the effective antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and other skin beneficial ingredients to prevent or repair damages created by the environmental stressors such as UV light, pollution, and others.

It's a gamechanger

It's a gamechanger

Validated by patents and industry awards

The dynamic process of treating your skin per the climate you’re in has been awarded with numerous patents & patent-pending applications throughout the world.

Soon after we launched, we received great recognition in the industry for Climate-Smart skincare. Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, identified Pour Moi as a Beauty Industry Disruptor, and soon after our Temperate Day Cream won Women’s Health Magazine 2018 Healthy Skin Award (Derm’s Choice) and Cosmoprof North America (CPNA),  the leading B2B beauty trade show named Pour Moi the front runner of a new and upcoming beauty trend called geomoisturization.

My dad has been the inspiration behind Climate-Smart® skincare.

Many people have asked me why I thought about climate in the first place when nobody else in beauty paid attention to it. My inspiration came from my father and his passion for his work.

Like father like daughter

Like father like daughter

A lesson from powder coating

It goes back to when I was a little girl. My dad was in powder coating. In case you don’t know powder coating– it’s the process of applying dry paint instead of liquid paint on things like fences, outdoor furniture to have a more lasting, protective coating that can better withstand the climate stressors such heat, sun, cold.

So as a little girl I  learned from my dad who was very passionate about his work that the climate has a huge impact on a surface and how you “treat” a surface best depends on the climate you’re in. Once I started to think of skin as a surface effected and changed by external factors, I remembered everything my dad taught me about it.