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I hope you are smiling already. If not, I’ll get you there.

Ulli Hashlacher

I started Pour Moi with the belief that happiness is universal, our natural state. You just have to uncover it. In my case, that would entail creating a product that would help you to be comfortable in your own skin—with your own skin. Always. No matter where you find yourself in your life. If you’re at peace with the crazy world outside, you’ll experience peace and balance inside. In other words, you’ll be happy. And it will show on your face.

Maybe I’m more inspired by the pursuit of happiness than your average person who grew up and went to school in the United States. That might be because I wasn’t born here. My roots go back to the modest country of Austria in Europe. I was only aimed here, my whole life.

Lady Liberty, am I ever glad to see you!

I’m a Vienna girl, native to a land more familiar with sausages, waltzes, and Habsburgs than pleasure. Most of our classic German writing is based on the concept that people who pursue happiness either had to make a deal with the devil, or they suffered terrible consequences. Faust things first, you could say.

It was only when I moved to the United States at age 27 that I came to feel less guilty about my default attitude, which is to be upbeat, no matter how tough things get. Even as I was moving towards experiencing difficulties and hardships, I began to treasure my adopted country. In no other place, I discovered, is the pursuit of happiness actually an “unalienable right.”

Who can sleep when you have an American dream?

I knew I’d arrived in the most magical and powerful place in the world, where anything is possible. I didn’t waste any more time. I opened my own business and specialized in beauty, health, and wellness. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the largest companies in those industries, along with the best-known dermatologists and laboratories. I learned that if you have the right instincts and you work hard, you can be in charge of your own success story.

More and more comfortable — in my own skin

Once I made some money for myself, I invested it (and myself) in premium skincare. I’d been obsessed for years with the challenges every face faces, the crossroads of beauty we all stand at every morning looking in the mirror. I think it started back with my first experience in a luxury department store, when I purchased the most expensive Swiss skincare and started noticing results almost immediately.

Most of all I started feeling better all over, in ways that are hard to explain. Do you ever see a friend’s houseplant and it looks so healthy, glowing, and happy, and you wonder what she’s been up to? Does she sing to the plant? Add a mystery plant food? Well, you get the idea. That was me. I was the happy plant. I’m sure people noticed the difference in me and wondered what my secret was. Of course it was no secret: only the best skincare resources, water, and botanicals, from either Switzerland or France.

I knew I was a heartbeat away from starting my own skincare line. As it turned out it took a few dozen plane rides, back and forth, from climate to climate, watching my skin panting to keep up. I got frustrated with trying to make a lay person’s calculations about what product to use when, even as the combinations of skin type, temperature, and humidity made the calculus impossible.

And who made you Einstein, Ms. Haslacher?

That’s when the lightbulb went on over my head. My skincare line would always work. Everywhere. No matter what the climate or season. It would be as dependable as clockwork. 24/7 and all 360 degrees of the globe. It would be affordable, too. I would create a brand that everyone could call their own.

It would have been nice if that lightbulb also illuminated the manufacturing decisions that had to go into the new product, but that could only happen in a movie. In real life, it took many years exploring how the changing climate could inform skincare formulation. Some days I felt as if I needed a PhD from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford to force the product from my brain into a bottle. (Actually, it only took knowing a few alumni!)

No more “poor me!” It’s Pour Moi now.

I did have a head start in this line of inquiry, as my father had worked as a chemist back in the old country, with a special interest in how things work and are connected to the environment they’re in. His field (and passion) was powder coating, which is concerned with how climate affects paint on metal so that the metal won’t rust or scratch. He worked with scientists for years to help figure this out, and they did. Like father like daughter, I guess, though the only rust Pour Moi has ever been concerned with was how skin ages due to the environment, or looks less than its best.

I believe, with all my heart, that we have created a special line of products. Pour Moi will protect you from the harmful effects of changing climates, promote harmony with the elements, and bring out your beauty. No matter what, when, or where.

Well, that’s my American story of “the pursuit of happy faces.” I hope you are smiling now.

xoxo, Ulli