The forecast is for beauty

With Strand’s state-of-the-art research & development lab near Lyon, France, an experienced team of scientists, nearly 50 patent applications issued and pending, and partnerships with experts in the field of skin & climate such as dermatologists, biologists, climate scientists, ingredient suppliers, and more, Pour Moi Institute at Strand Cosmetics is creating new solutions to harmonize your skin with today’s harsher and more challenging climates.

Our goal: your happiest, healthiest skin.



Geo-hydradynamic Complex™

It’s an innovative hydration complex that dynamically helps skin create optimal hydration throughout the day to counteract chronic skin dehydration derived from the surrounding air – your indoor and outdoor climate.

Around the globe, many indoor and outdoor climate conditions cause rapid dehydration of the skin. Whether too hot, cold, dry, or humid, our atmosphere often challenges skin’s ability to maintain proper hydration. Even on a “perfect day” skin is still exposed to UV light, airborne pollution, and allergens- all known to dehydrate skin. Add in the stress of skin to transition to the many hours spent daily indoor exposed to air-conditioning or heating and it becomes obvious that in today’s time skin needs a dynamic hydration solution.

Geo-hydradynamic Complex™ is the world’s first hydration complex to help your skin stay consistently hydrated throughout the day, in humid climates and dry climates. Made of a proprietary blend of 3 advanced hyaluronic acids and amino acid-packed French white truffle extract, HyalurTruf+™ aids skin to restore healthy hydration in both natural and artificial climates. Skin begins recovering hydration with the first use, thanking you with a beautiful glow.

Our innovative Climate-Smart® HyalurTruf+™ complex is infused in all Pour Moi products.



Biomimetic Formulas

The power of climate cannot be underestimated. It’s a force that makes life possible on our planet. Evolution over millions of years has given skin the unique ability to adapt to various climate conditions, but in the 21st century our climates are changing: harsh summer temperatures soar alongside indoor air-conditioning, frigid winter storms contrast with indoor heating. We may travel between extreme climates within a day, and no matter where we are— skin is constantly exposed to damaging UV rays, environmental pollution, and external irritants.

It’s not skin type or age. It’s the climate affecting your skin and most of the 20th century approaches to skincare no longer work.

Our 21st century approach to beauty takes today’s climate into consideration, incorporating new research that reveals that various climates create imbalances in the skin prompting symptoms of imbalance that we previously considered “skin types”.

Climate-Smart® skincare incorporates the latest innovation in beauty technology and ingredients into its new approach to beauty: biomimetic formulations that naturally mimic the skin’s own moisturizer, called the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) for the climate you live in.


After spending more than five years researching, formulating, testing, and proving that Climate-Smart® skincare performs in the various regional and seasonal climates, as well as when traveling from climate to climate, it’s ready for you.

All formulas comply with the strict EU guidelines and are made of clean, high quality ingredients researched and selected for the various climates.

All formulas are tested for both efficacy and safety; each Climate-Smart® formulation undergoes a series of laboratory tests to ensure no bacteria can develop and it is safe for even the most sensitive skin.