It’s the thin, visible part of the skin. It includes the outer layers and the barrier. The outer skin informs and protects the body in regards to diseases, temperature changes, and physical impacts. Since it is made of dead skin cells wrapped in lipids and held together by a waxy substance called sebum, it doesn’t need any nourishment from the body. Hence there are no blood vessels in the outer skin and you won’t bleed when you scratch it. Rather than depending on hydration solely from inside the body, the outer skin produces a mix of ingredients called the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) to draw water from the atmosphere. NMF is part of skin’s natural climate IQ and recent studies have confirmed it components change to adjust to a climate. 

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It’s the large part of the skin, that’s internal to the body and not visible. It includes the dermis and the hypodermis, and is made of collagen and elastin fibers embedded in a glue-like hyaluronic acid matrix. The inner skin has nerves, sensors, and blood vessels which keep the living skin cells nourished and hydrated. It executes necessary skin functions like temperature control. Temperature control is part of skin’s natural climate IQ and it changes to adjust to a climate.

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Skin Science Spotlight #2:

Why the right moisture balance in all climates is so important for your skin

If the moisture balance is off, your skin is not itself.

1. It allows for elasticity. Skin can only perform its important tasks as a protector if it has enough moisture. Pour Moi’s Day Creams are customized per climate to mimic how healthy skin stays moist in different environments.

2. It beautifies. Imbalanced moisture, lacking either oil or water, is the first thing that causes our skin to go dull and rapidly accelerates signs of aging starting in your 20s. Pour Moi’s Serums help skin find its moisture balance, and restore barrier functions in all climates.

3. It prevents growth of bacteria. The right moisture balance creates an effective film that helps to prevent irritants, bacteria or fungi from penetrating deep into the skin. Pour Moi’s Hydrating Balancers balance skin’s pH and natural moisture levels in all climates.

4. It promotes healthy regeneration. Without retaining enough moisture in the outer skin, the cell renewal process is compromised. A healthy and radiant complexion only comes when new skin cells are regenerated, and dead ones shed off. Pour Moi Climate-Smart® skincare is expertly formulated with powerful antioxidants, including vitamin A (retinol), to promote skin repair and renewal in the climate you’re in.