Polar Coaster Rescue Kit
 The Results

The Results

Pour Moi works!  In the pilot study with the four major climates that affect skin, participants using Pour Moi experienced significantly less fluctuation in skin hydration levels compared to other brands. They were exposed to one “baseline” climate and three “extreme” climates: Temperate (mild and normal), Desert (hot and dry), Tropical (hot and humid), and Polar (cold and dry).

The results confirmed what we already knew: Climate affects skin, simple as that.  Different climates affect skin much differently, but Pour Moi alleviates the negative effects by allowing users to match their Day Cream to the actual climate. The lab results further concluded that the world’s first and only Climate-Smart® skincare* allows skin to ease the changes inflicted by varying climates.

* Study results on file paid for by Pour Moi Beauty, LLC.