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How Low Humidity Climates Cause Skin Aging

Conventional wisdom would suggest that living in a warm, sun-soaked climate like Florida would take the biggest toll on your skin. After all, it’s hard to escape wrinkles when you’re outside all day, basking in harmful UV rays. But new research shows cold, low-humidity climates can add years to your face, too. So even during

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The #1 Ingredient Your Skin Needs This Winter

A cold, snowy winter may look beautiful, but it’s not the prettiest time of year for your skin – especially if you happen to live in a cold, dry climate. Low humidity, harsh indoor heat, whipping winds, and freezing temperatures suck the life out of skin, leaving it dry and dull.  While some may think

Winter Skincare Tips- Why You Want Polar CEBs in Your Skincare This Winter

Winter Skincare Tips: Why You Want Polar CEBs in Your Skincare This Winter

Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs) are distinct botanicals and hydrators that are also some of the most unknown winter skincare tips It’s that time of year for winter skincare tips. Temperatures are dropping, snow may even be falling and you’re wondering if you need to stay inside in order to avoid all of winter’s not-so-pretty side

How to Soothe Your Rosy Cheeks this Winter

And why that red glow is more a sign of external aging than a healthy flush. Here’s what you need to know. Trust us—the red streaks on your complexion in the winter are not from the sun. The cold temperatures, extremely dry air, and harsh winds form a pack in the winter with an agenda