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5 Reasons the Top Face Moisturizers Need to Address Climate

Top Face Moisturizers: 5 Reasons Why They Need to Address Climate

Everywhere you turn, there’s a product claiming to be one of the top face moisturizers. But chances are, most of them are making promises based on what’s really the equivalent of an old wives’ tail: That skin should be moisturized and hydrated based on skin type… while completely ignoring the role of climate. Call us

4 Reasons Why Skin Hydration Products Need to Address the Climate

Skin Hydration Products: 4 Reasons Why They Need to Address the Climate

The key to great skin? Skin hydration products that take the climate into account. Climate has a huge impact on your skin—but skincare companies don’t want you to know that. Why the big secret? Their products don’t contain the ingredients needed to combat dryness triggered by your environment. For skin hydration products that fit your

When You Work Out Outside, Does the Climate Lead to Skin Redness?

Skin Redness and Working Out: Is Climate the Cause?

Working out keeps your body firm and smooth. However, it can have the opposite effect on your face, resulting in skin redness and other irritations. A study on mice that appeared in the Journal Mechanisms of Aging and Development shows that exercising for 30 minutes a day can cause skin damage. Exercise generates heat, and

Skin Dehydration Is Frequently Caused by Climate Aggressors

Skin Dehydration Is Frequently Caused by Climate Aggressors

If you’re experiencing skin dehydration, consider the climate you’re in. The old way of taking care of your skin would be to think of dryness as a skin type issue. If your complexion is dehydrated, it’s probably because your skin is naturally dry, right? Nope. In fact buying your skin products by skin type is