How to Combat Climate-Caused Aging (Hint: Start with the Right Skincare)

Every time you step outside, your skin is exposed to age-accelerating aggressors like UV rays, pollution, extreme cold, and oppressive heat. Here, how to protect your skin from the climate—without becoming a hermit More than 90 percent of the visible, external skin aging we complain about (wrinkles, discoloration, sagging) is related to climate, rather than our

Is Pollution Aging Your Skin? Find the Best Anti-Aging Face Cream

Is Pollution Aging Your Skin? Find the Best Anti-Aging Face Cream

You know you have to worry about the sun and what its UV rays are doing to destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin. That’s what makes consistent SPF usage a no-brainer. But have you considered everything else to which your face is subjected to as soon as you step into the great outdoors?

Best Skincare for Wrinkles- The Power of White Truffle

Best Skincare for Wrinkles: The Power of White Truffle

Antioxidants, peptides and botanicals, including white truffle, are some of the ingredients used in the best skin care for wrinkles. If you can remember VH1 television’s The Fabulous Life of…, you’ve probably celebrated enough birthdays to be keenly aware of fine lines right about now (and, more importantly, the best skincare for wrinkles to keep