The Science Behind Biorhythms and Your Skin

The Science Behind Biorhythms and Your Skin

You work on the clock and recoup at night, but did you know your skin does, too? The idea that skin operates within a 24-hour cycle and does different things during the day and at night, a.k.a. circadian biorhythms may sound far-fetched (can your skin really tell time?), but it’s a well-studied phenomenon. Here, we’ll

Time Change

Time Change: A Sneaky Skin Ager

Did you know that daylight savings—or traveling between time zones—can have a negative impact on your skin?  When the body is subjected to a sudden and significant shift in its natural circadian rhythm, it scrambles to reset that internal clock. And that stress can elicit an inflammatory response in the body, triggering acne or rosacea

Marine Climate

Hey Seattle: Here’s Why You Need to Climate-Proof Your Skin

On a drizzly, cool day, you’d head out in a raincoat and boots—not silk pants and suede shoes, right? Well, your skin merits the same climate consideration.  Specifically formulated for the kind of days residents of the Pacific Northwest know well—45 to 65 degrees and rainy/overcast—the Marine Day Cream utilizes Climate-Smart® technology to help skin

Glamping in the Mountains This Fall? Read This Before You Go

Thanks to more than a year of social distancing, many of us have cut back on travel, then quelled our stir-craziness by getting outside—in our running shoes, on a bike, up a mountain. This has been largely good for our mental and physical health—but not always so great for our skin Vigorous outside activity—paddle boarding, trail