How Climate-Smart® Skincare Can Help with Your Maskne

Wearing a face mask takes some getting used to – especially for your skin. Here’s how to protect your skin while protecting your health. Even if you’ve never experienced acne as a teen or adult, you may be suddenly experiencing a bout of breakouts. What gives? No, it’s not the stress of this past year

Travel in The Current Climate: 12 Skin-Saving Tips

Last year at this time you may have been planning your winter getaway, jet-setting someplace warm and exotic the moment the deep chill sets in. But this year, in the midst of a pandemic, you may be feeling, well, a bit more grounded. Traveling in the time of Covid-19 is tricky, but it doesn’t have

Should I Be Balancing Skin with a Hydrating Balancer?

Should I Be Balancing Skin with a Hydrating Balancer?

There are good balancers, and there are bad astringents. Being able to tell the difference between skin that’s been stripped bare, and skin that’s been restored, is the key to understanding the modern way to tone. From there, balancing skin becomes simple. If you’ve ever used a toner back in your teenage years for balancing