Winter to Spring

How Seasonal Climate Changes Affect Your Skin

You’re probably eagerly anticipating the transition from winter to spring. Your skin, on the other hand, isn’t so excited—it doesn’t like change.  Skin gets used to certain types of weather, and has trouble adjusting when temperatures suddenly start to change. This is especially true when you go from cold, dry winter air to warmer, more

Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin D

The  main thing your skin is seeking from the sun? Vitamin D! One might say that your skin and the sun have a very complex relationship. In fact, studies have shown it. They need each other, yet spending too much time together can result in a lot of unpleasant things – like sunburn, sun damage

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The Solution to Marine Climate-Shocked Skin

We know that weather and the climate affect a lot of things: your wardrobe, your plans, your mood (hello, seasonal affective disorder). And now, research in the British Journal of Dermatology has also shown that it can affect your skin.    The temperature and the humidity level (that’s the amount of moisture or water droplets in

Winter skin

How Low Humidity Climates Cause Skin Aging

Conventional wisdom would suggest that living in a warm, sun-soaked climate like Florida would take the biggest toll on your skin. After all, it’s hard to escape wrinkles when you’re outside all day, basking in harmful UV rays. But new research shows cold, low-humidity climates can add years to your face, too. So even during

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The #1 Ingredient Your Skin Needs This Winter

A cold, snowy winter may look beautiful, but it’s not the prettiest time of year for your skin – especially if you happen to live in a cold, dry climate. Low humidity, harsh indoor heat, whipping winds, and freezing temperatures suck the life out of skin, leaving it dry and dull.  While some may think