Skin Damage: Why Climate May Be to Blame for Your Battered Skin Barrier

Skin Damage: Why Climate May Be to Blame for Your Battered Skin Barrier

Fine lines, dark circles and spots get lots of anti-aging attention, but protecting your skin barrier from skin damage should be your number one skincare priority, and here’s why: a healthy, protected skin barrier is what stands between you and seeing the signs of external aging as early as in your 20’s (which include fine

Know the ph balance of skin? Why Your Skin’s PH Could Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Complexion

pH Balance of Skin: Could It Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Complexion?

By now, you’ve likely noticed the effect of the seasons—heat, cold, dryness, humidity—have on your complexion. But what you may not know is that these climate changes throw our skin into a tantrum state by affecting the pH balance of skin and skin functions in general, which results in everything from acne to external aging.

how to get rid of irritated skin with climate smart skincare

How to Get Rid of Irritated Skin with Climate Smart Skincare

How to get rid of irritated skin and the reasons your skin gets sensitive are related to weather conditions Like sensitive people, sensitive skin is temperamental and easily aggravated. And one thing that can really tick it off? Shifts in weather. Cold or hot temperatures, unrelenting winds, dry air (natural or from air conditioning or

what it means that skin is shocked by climate

What it Means That Skin is Shocked by Climate

Heading from one extreme climate to another? Your face is about to freak. All is well when seasons change and skin has time to gradually adjust to the new environment. But when you cross from tropical to polar (or vice versa) rather suddenly, panic sets in. “People get red cheeks, their skin gets dehydrated, and