Zoom-Proof Your Skin

Thanks to Covid, we’re now spending even more time staring at our screens. In fact, one survey found that 59 percent of people are on their smartphones more frequently since the pandemic started, and 55 percent are logging more hours in front of the computer. And it turns out that excessive screen time does more

Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin D

The  main thing your skin is seeking from the sun? Vitamin D! One might say that your skin and the sun have a very complex relationship. In fact, studies have shown it. They need each other, yet spending too much time together can result in a lot of unpleasant things – like sunburn, sun damage

How Skin Behaves 40,000 Feet Above the Ground

Skin on a plane! With holiday season on the horizon, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing some traveling this winter. Just remember: when you’re away from home, so is your skin. Going from one location to another can be stressful enough for the skin, what about the in-between period while you’re on a plane?

Maintain a Healthy pH Balance to Level Up Your Skin

Maintain a Healthy pH Balance to Level Up Your Skin

The Key to Healthy Skin? Maintaining a Balanced pH Level Being the body’s largest organ comes with some major responsibilities. In addition to being the first point of call for external invaders, skin is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, toxic chemicals, and environmental stressors. This harshness can lead to dehydrated skin that takes many