Time Change

Time Change: A Sneaky Skin Ager

Did you know that daylight savings—or traveling between time zones—can have a negative impact on your skin?  When the body is subjected to a sudden and significant shift in its natural circadian rhythm, it scrambles to reset that internal clock. And that stress can elicit an inflammatory response in the body, triggering acne or rosacea

Zoom-Proof Your Skin

Thanks to Covid, we’re now spending even more time staring at our screens. In fact, one survey found that 59 percent of people are on their smartphones more frequently since the pandemic started, and 55 percent are logging more hours in front of the computer. And it turns out that excessive screen time does more

How Climate-Smart® Skincare Can Help with Your Maskne

Wearing a face mask takes some getting used to – especially for your skin. Here’s how to protect your skin while protecting your health. Even if you’ve never experienced acne as a teen or adult, you may be suddenly experiencing a bout of breakouts. What gives? No, it’s not the stress of this past year

Can happy hour wreak havoc on your skin?

Recent research indicates that alcohol consumption jumped 14% in the U.S. in 2020 (hello, crap year). Many imbibed as a temporary salve to deal with the stress of COVID-19, but the increase in alcohol intake is also having an enduring and negative impact on the skin. Sure, antioxidants in red wine have some health benefits,

Skin-Saving Tips for Outdoor Workouts

The one perk to the pandemic is that working from home (no commute!) has given people more time to exercise. And now that many gyms are closed, and people are nervous about clustering inside in large groups, more and more of us are exercising outside. The result: the streets are filled with runners, walkers, and