I work such silly hours my skin regime is pretty much face wash, moisturiser, make up. So the thought of using a three step skin care method daily scared me a bit!! But I have to say I love it! My skin looks dewy without ever being greasy and my make up not only sits so much better but lasts so much longer too! Even when I’ve been abroad in hot places! I honestly can’t thank you enough you certainly have changed how I treat my skin and my entire outlook on skin care!

Yes!! I’ve been using the balancer, white serum and day cream (temperate) each AM and the balancer and night cream at night. My skin feels and looks fab! Once we get into that drier air I’ll break out the polar cream (dry skin is always a huge problem for me in winter). Now my skin is totally fab! I find myself going makeup free - or just tinted moisturizer/bronzer on weekends because it’s so good!

I am already in love with your products as they actually soften and smooth my skin. I can tell the difference between using and not using them just by touching my skin. It doesn't matter whether I am high in the sky, in a desert or a cold place, there is always a good day cream which fits the current condition. Pour Moi keeps my skin in perfect shape. I simply couldn’t live without the balancer, serum and day creams anymore.