Can happy hour wreak havoc on your skin?

Recent research indicates that alcohol consumption jumped 14% in the U.S. in 2020 (hello, crap year). Many imbibed as a temporary salve to deal with the stress of COVID-19, but the increase in alcohol intake is also having an enduring and negative impact on the skin. Sure, antioxidants in red wine have some health benefits,

Rain Drops

Fight the Weather Extremes That Dehydrate Your Skin

For years we have been told that our skin becomes dehydrated from the inside-out. In other words, if we aren’t drinking enough fluids, our bodies become dehydrated, and therefore our skin becomes parched too. But recently that thinking has changed, and experts now believe that the skin actually dries from the outside in, meaning external

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot Dry Summers

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot Dry Summers

Here comes the sun. And, depending upon where you live or travel, the low humidity. If you’re living somewhere hot and dry, the best daily face cream for your skin contains an almost-magical concoction you’ve probably never heard of before: Desert Climate Energized Beautifiers (also known as D-CEBS). What on earth are D-CEBS? Unlike conventional

How to Fix Dehydrated Skin- Use Products That Harmonize with Your Climate

How to Fix Dehydrated Skin: Use Products That Harmonize with Your Climate

Wondering how to fix dehydrated skin? When your skin is dehydrated, that means it literally lacks water. It’s parched. Skin becomes dehydrated for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common—and least addressed—is climate. So, how does weather impact your skin’s water content? Very cold, harsh weather dehydrates the skin by triggering inflammation,