1. Balance & Prepare

WHY: The Hydrating Balancer restores skin’s balance after cleansers, hard water, and environmental stressors strip away moisture.

HOW TO CHOOSE: Easy! There’s only one Hydrating Balancer for all skin types and all climates.

2. Nourish & Hydrate

WHY: The most potent product in any skincare ritual is the Serum, which consist of small molecules that the top layer of skin can absorb if the surface is in balance and the pores are open.

HOW TO CHOOSE: You’ll want the Black Serum if you have dry to very dry skin, or the White Serum if you have combination, oily, normal, or sensitive skin.

3. Protect & Moisturize

WHY: Your climate smart Day Cream serves as a protective barrier to trap the Serum’s small molecules in your skin, smooths the surface according to skin’s behavior in a certain climate, and defends against environmental aggressors.

HOW TO CHOOSE: Get to know the climate you’re in, and choose accordingly. Choose a cream based on the current conditions in your area, or read about our climate categories.

Make it a Ritual

Our convenient Rituals have everything you'll need to glow.

Black Ritual

Hydrating Balancer, Black Serum, and 2 Climate Smart Day Creams.   You’ll want the Black Serum if you have dry or very dry skin.

White Ritual

Hydrating Balancer, White Serum, and 2 Climate Smart Day Creams.  You’ll want the White Serum if you have combination, oily, normal, or sensitive skin.

On the surface of the skin lies the acid mantle, which is skin's first protective barrier against environment irritants. It's essential for good skin health to maintain a slightly acidic pH level of the skin, ranging from 4.5 to 6.5. External factors can disrupt the skin's concentration, so restoring a healthy pH level with the Hydrating Balancer should be the first step in every skincare routine.

- Dr. Christina Dukes, Pharmacist

Skin is constantly regenerating new cells if the skin barrier is healthy enough, but can't adjust to keep up with sunlight, radiation, wind, precipitation, pollution, air-conditioning, and so forth. In a time when climates are becoming increasingly aggressive and people rely on artificial cooling and heating, climate-smart Day Creams can make all the difference in skin health.

- Dr. Christina Dukes, Pharmacist

Skin barrier dysfunction is the major cause of premature aging and inflammation. A healthy skin barrier retains moisture and reduces inflammation, but a disrupted skin barrier results in dehydration, roughness, and increased inflammation. To counteract this, the Black and White Serums restore active lipids and prevent free radicals from depleting skin cells in a process called lipid oxidation.

- Dr. Christina Dukes, Pharmacist