Pour Moi is Among the Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands

By: PourMoi

Being One of the Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands Means You’re Free to Love Pour Moi

Be confident and compassionate with Pour Moi — one of the best cruelty-free skincare brands!

Animals are special. They’re adorable, intelligent, and full of unconditional love. No matter how hard my day has been, my pet can always bring me comfort. I love snuggling with my cat, playing with him, and rescuing him when he gets into mischief. I would never harm him, or any other animal, and that’s why I believe it’s important to buy cruelty-free products. I love my fur-baby, and it’s that love that leads me to trust in Pour Moi, one of the best cruelty-free skincare brands.

When I shop for skincare, I want to be confident that what I buy has never been cosmetically tested on animals. In a world flooded with brands, it can be daunting to find high-quality products that meet both my ethical standards and my beauty standards. Pour Moi does both.

Each and every product Pour Moi offers is cruelty-free, meaning absolutely nothing has been tested on animals. Why test something that’s meant for people on animals? Animals aren’t looking for anti-aging cream. They don’t worry about wrinkle lines or bags under their eyes. Pour Moi makes beautifully designed Climate-Smart® skincare for people, so it’s tested on people.

At Pour Moi, the belief is that skincare shouldn’t harm our skin—nor animals. Pour Moi has cruelty-free certification from both People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Leaping Bunny, the gold standard in corporate compassion for animals. Best of all, it’s not just bunnies, dogs, cats, and other furry friends that are protected. Leaping Bunny ensures that no harm is done to any animals, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and even fish!

Meeting the Leaping Bunny standard means that Pour Moi doesn’t test on animals at any stage of product development, including during the ingredient stage. This certification also means that Pour Moi does not contract any other company to do the testing for them. Instead, Pour Moi is working to help eliminate the industry’s practice of testing on animals.

Pour Moi doesn’t stop there. Along with being cruelty-free, Pour Moi is also a vegan company. Every single product is free of animal-derived ingredients. It’s extremely common for cosmetic and skincare brands to use animal-based products, such as beeswax, lanolin, and silk. Pour Moi has found effective, healthy solutions for this problem. Ingredients like glycerin are plant-derived and of top-notch quality. Swapping animal-based products for plant-based products means Pour Moi provides me with ethical skincare that leaves my heart feeling light and my skin feeling beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than finding skincare that meets both my beauty standards and my moral standards. My skin is nourished, and I can look at my cat without feeling any guilt at all.

Pour Moi truly cares about animals, about being sustainable, harmonious, and ethical, and about people. I know I can have radiant, gorgeous skin without compromising my compassion. I can smile, looking and feeling my best. My secret? I change with the climate.