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"I’ve been using Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare from France for years now— and I never got more compliments on my skin. I love it!"

- Molly Fay of The Milwaukee Morning Blend

Finally, winter is over and Wisconsinites need to change to their local summer-smart skincare routine. Hello summer in the Midwest!

Climate-Smart technology from France

Climate-Smart technology from France

Results that WOWED Molly!

“I remember the first time the founder of Pour Moi joined us on The Morning Blend and showed me her “without & with Pour Moi” hands…and I  thought,  I got to try this! “– Molly Fay of The Morning Blend

Since then, thousands of people in Wisconsin have also tried Pour Moi and told us that they finally got the skin care results they were always hoping for.

Wisconsin is known to fit all seasons into one week. Voilà, here is the skincare that can handle this!

Hot humid summer can be as damaging to skin as a cold, dry winter BUT not with Climate-Smart Pour Moi

Here's the breakdown of our four products that are included in the 3-Step Rotating system and how it all works.

And yes, you can also buy each product separately.



Hydrating Balancer - Humid Conditions

You start with our quenching Hydrating Balancer for Humid Conditions. 

This is NOT a toner but an innovative, oil-free, anti-aging liquefier that helps your skin benefit from the moisture that’s back in the air in spring (goodbye winter dry air).

It jump-starts hydration as if your skin is drinking its first glass of power-packed vitamin water in the AM.

Use mornings and evenings for impactful results.



Blue Serum - Mild Conditions

Then you follow immediately with our quenching Blue Serum for Humid Conditions.

An innovative age-defying serum, super-charged with a potent combination of French marine actives and hydra-sugars to maximize anti-aging results in humid conditions. Safe for acne-prone skin.

Use morning and evening for stellar results.



Temperate Day Cream (mild & comfy weather) | Tropical Day Cream (hot & humid weather)

Since weather always fluctuates but especially in spring, you’ll receive 2 different Day Creams to rotate between so you can optimally pair your skin with the actual weather you’re in.

Summer-to-Fall rotation: think of it as you dress your skin like you dress yourself, daily according to the weather. On mild, breezy days, use  Temperate Day Cream. When it’s sticky humid weather, use Tropical Day Cream.

If you’re not sure what Day Cream to apply, use our product recommendation tool on top of your cap. It’s called the Cream Finder and once scanned with your phone’s camera will show instantly your local weather and what Day Cream to use. There is no guesswork with Pour Moi!

Digital Product recommendation tool

Digital Product recommendation tool

The Cream-Finder on top of each cap

If you’re ever unsure of what the weather will be and which Day Cream to select, open your mobile camera and scan the QR code located on top of every Day Cream cap.

It’ll take you to our digital product recommendation tool,  called the Cream-Finder.

The Cream Finder combines your phone’s location & weather data with our proprietary software and shows your instantly your local weather and which Day Cream to use. It’s so easy!

There're a few more Climate-Smart products we highly recommend for youthful summer skin in Wisconsin

Harmonizes skin with Wisconsin's sticky summer heat

Harmonizes skin with Wisconsin's sticky summer heat

Tropical Moisture-Burst Mask

Summer-heat acclimating Tropical Moisture Burst Mask is a scientifically advanced Climate-Smart mask that soothes, hydrates, cools, and eases skin’s adjusting to hot, very humid climatic conditions for clear, resilient, youthful-looking skin.

It’s a much-needed anti-aging beauty treatment for everybody that lives in or travels to a hot, very humid location.

Night is also a climate

Night is also a climate

Night Cream

The night is actually its own unique climate for skin in Wisconsin. When it’s dark and you’re asleep, your skin is working its hardest to rejuvenate.

Our luxurious Night Cream is scientifically designed to pair with skin’s nightly repair process. It beautifies your skin while at rest and works synergistically with the weather-specific Day Cream in the morning.

Don't let the weather dull your glow

Don't let the weather dull your glow

Clarifying Polish

Dermatologists and estheticians agree that an exfoliation & deep cleansing treatment is especially necessary during the summer months.

Use Clarifying Polish twice a week for clean, soft, renewed skin.

Ulli live on The Morning Blend

Ulli live on The Morning Blend

Anti-aging skincare by ZIP code— what's that?

Watch Ulli talk about Climate-Smart® skincare in Milwaukee.

NEXT AIR DATE: June 7, 2022 (she will be back in the studio with Molly & Tiffany for the first time after almost 2 years)

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