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Proprietary Complex for All Climates


It’s a new Climate-Smart™ ingredient system to optimally hydrate your skin in all climates. Made from a blend of 3 kinds of advanced Hyaluronic Acids (HA), varying in molecule weight/size, and luxurious amino acid-packed White Truffle extract, this potent complex is the newest invention in biomimetic skincare technology.

The large-molecule HA draws in water from the atmosphere where humidity is above 50%.  In another climate, where humidity is low, the small-molecule HA  penetrates deeper into the epidermis to safely pull water from the dermis. Scientifically combined with rare White Truffle extract from France, HyalurTruf+™ chemical composition mimics the skin’s Natural Moisture Factor (NMF), which is naturally responsible for hydrating the skin in all climate situations.



Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs)

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that light textures are for oily skin and heavy textures are for dry skin, Pour Moi’s forward-thinking approach in beauty biochemistry pioneered the world’s first biomimetic textures that moisturize and protect skin per the climate you’re in.

Light-weight and superior in spreadability, each moisturizer consists of about 35 ingredients – including at least 15 which are unique to each Day Cream. All raw materials and ingredients have been tested in respect to temperature and humidity to find the correct base that supports skin within the countless nuances of a particular climate. Non-comedogenic (no clogged pores) occlusive ingredients like Squalane Oil, Shea Butter or Coconut Acid add moisture protection per climate, and barrier restoring ingredients such as micro-encapsulated antioxidants – vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C, and vitamin E, botanicals and high-performing peptides – fight free radicals, and promote skin repair and renewal.


Pour Moi only uses top-notch ingredients, each tested for both effectiveness and safety. Once the ingredients are selected for a particular formula, the formula is tested for both safety and efficacy. Once completed, the formula goes through a series of packaging compatibility tests making sure the product stays pristine and no bacteria developed. All in all, it takes about two years for a Pour Moi product to be formulated, tested and ready for production.

Skin Science Spotlight #4:

A closer look at microencapsulation

What is microencapsulation, and why we utilize it for our active ingredients.

1. Microencapsulation is a process in premium skincare whereby an active ingredient is wrapped in a very small amount of coating to maintain stability when applied onto the skin. Depending on the ingredients, the coating is either made of plant extracts or proteins naturally found in your skin. When the active ingredient reaches its destination in the skin, the coating fully dissolves without any irritations.

2. It makes the formulas work better. The active ingredients used in Climate-Smart™ skincare are microencapsulated to ensure the maximum efficacy and safety of our formulas. Many active ingredients, especially antioxidants, are fragile and unstable. This means that once applied to the skin, and exposed to light and air, they won’t perform well without prior encapsulation.

3. It facilitates a controlled time-release in the skin and enhances penetration within the natural lipid barrier. Due to microencapsulation, the ingredient can do its ‘magic’ in the skin exactly where and when it has the most impact on helping skin to restore appearance and overall health. Microencapsulated active ingredients help to significantly reduce the appearance of aging caused by external and internal aggressors such as fine lines and wrinkles, minimize and diminish the appearance of dark spots and effectively nourish even the driest epidermis.

4. Because oil-based actives, like retinol, will dissolve only in oil-based ingredients and water-based actives, like vitamin C, will dissolve only in water-based ingredients, our Climate-Smart skincare uses different coatings for different active ingredients. Once all of them are encapsulated properly, they are combined with the rest of the Climate-Smart formulas.

5. It is not possible to know if an ingredient is microencapsulated from reading the label. As a guideline, if a skincare line is using microencapsulation as a process to control when and how the active ingredients dissolve in the skin, the brand is talking about it!