June 11 is Kamehameha Day in Hawaii

Did you know that Hawaii is the ONLY place in the United States where you can actually visit a royal palace?

It’s the ONLY state that’s ONLY made of islands (137 of them to be accurate), and they were ruled by kings, queens, princes, and princesses for centuries until King Kamehameha, a great worrier, diplomat, and leader unified them as one Kingdom of Hawai’i.

And surf’s up! Hawaii is also WHERE surfing was invented (that’s a historical fact) and its mountain Mauna Kea is the TALLEST in the world (NOT Mount Everest if you measure from Mauna Kea’s base in the ocean).

Many of our customers are lucky to be living in Hawaii, but if you don’t– a trip there is on everyone’s bucket list.

In celebration of this special holiday day, save 25% on all products in our Travel Store from today to June 18, 2022 at midnight PST.

Happy 150th Kamehameha Day!

About the Author: European beauty expert, Ulli Haslacher, is the founder of Pour Moi Skincare. With over 25 years in the Women's Health and Beauty Industry and traveling to all depths of the world, she observed that her skin behaved differently in various climates. To Ulli’s surprise, conventional skincare had no solutions for this problem. After 5 years of research & development, Ulli and a team of scientists solved the problem with the world's first Climate-Smart® skincare system.