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It took us five years to create a new kind of non-toxic, vegan skincare that simply locks in enough moisture for skin to look beautiful. Consistently. In all places. Throughout all seasons.



The Key to Keeping Skin Balanced

We are the first skincare brand that studied how local climate upsets the moisture balance and alters the barrier functions. Based on our findings, we created new solutions for you. The complex ways your skin keeps the outer layers moist and flexible depend, and vary, on the climate situation. Rather than forcing the wrong kind of moisturization onto your skin (different climates need different moisturizing strategies), Pour Moi’s new climate-specific care aligns with your skin’s natural climate IQ to find the right moisture balance for the climate you’re in. The result is a consistently clear and youthful glowing complexion.

Where is the natural climate IQ in your skin?



Old Story, New Answers

It’s a climate’s range of temperature and humidity that either hydrates or dehydrates your skin — turning it from oily to dry, or to everything in between. The skin launches biological responses to control the effect of the outside temperature on the body, so that it can manage it’s hydration levels in relation to the humidity present. Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart® skincare is scientifically formulated to mimic the various behaviors of healthy skin in different places and seasons. This is especially important today when climates are harsher and more unpredictable.

Find out how your climate effects the skin.



Your Climate, Your Day Cream

Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart® skincare effectively counteracts the challenges of each climate and restores skin’s natural moisture balance and repair functions.

Discover how Pour Moi works in your climate.

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Skin Science Spotlight #1:

Putting Climate-Smart® Skincare Into Action

How exactly does Pour Moi differ from traditional skincare?

1.   Pour Moi is created to treat your skin for the climate you’re in. This is a groundbreaking new approach in beauty. It is validated by the findings from a wave of new clinical studies conducted in Europe, Asia and the U.S. about skin and its intrinsic relationship with the outside world.

2.   Patent-pending, Pour Moi creates moisturizers per climate and advises selecting and rotating according to the distinctive climates you’re in. It differs greatly from the conventional approach of creating moisturizers per skin type, a method from the 1950s where the existence of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) in the outer skin had not yet been discovered. Only in the last 20 years have more scientists researched, in long-term studies, the impact of different climates on skin and found new answers to how the skin actually works.

3.  Climate-Smart® skincare’s innovative formula does three things for your skin: 1. It helps your skin acclimate, trouble-free, to any local climate. 2. It supports skin’s delicate moisture balance in all climates. 3. It effectively promotes skin’s amazing ability to repair and renew itself at any age.

4.   Pour Moi’s protocol follows a new evidence-based idea in beauty that skincare works best when it does not take over your skin’s natural moisturizing duties, but instead offers the skin fortifying and climate harmonizing stimuli to restore its natural moisture balance on its own. The result is not only more consistently radiant, smoother and youthful looking skin in all places- but skin is healthier and more resilient.

5.   Pour Moi’s formulations have been created by French scientists, with many years of expertise in cosmetics and biochemistry, and are made in France to the highest standards in manufacturing.



Key Ingredients + Processes

Groundbreaking advances in ingredient technology and new findings how skin actually works contributed to a breakthrough in skincare:  Climate-Smart® products with formulations that are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic, and have better efficacy, safety and compatibility with our skin.  Explore



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