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Climate-Smart® beauty technology combines the best of nature with cutting-edge, scientifically advanced ingredients formulated to harmonize skin with the climate.

Hot, humid, dry, or cold - each condition has a profound impact on skin.

Unlike conventional skincare products, Pour Moi’s innovative Day Creams differ significantly per climate to optimize skin-saving results
across a wide spectrum of weather elements, man-made conditions, and pollution levels.
Each Climate-Smart® Day Cream utilizes distinct hydrators and botanicals – we call them Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs) – that follow along when skin changes with the climate.

As our gateway to the outside world and guardian of our wellbeing, skin is the organ most vulnerable to external influences.

Skin’s behavior is inextricably linked to a location’s climate. The Climate-Smart® Day Creams are the beauty industry’s first global solution to customize skin hydration (via water-based agents) and moisture (via oil-based agents), collectively known as hydrators, to match skin’s various behaviors in the four major climates. The goal is comfortable skin, which allows clinically-validated, safe ingredients to penetrate deeper and stay in the skin longer for maximum beauty, hydration, youthfulness, and glow.

Climate-Smart® Day Creams are formulated to lock-in moisture and active ingredients according to skin's behavior in a certain climate.

Studies show that skin integrity and function change with the climate, whether by season or location. The latest research even indicates that climates are becoming more extreme, expediting external aging and declining skin health. For optimal care and beauty in today’s challenging environments, use a Hydrating Balancer and a Serum to help prepare and replenish skin. Apply them first, as the Climate-Smart® Day Creams serve as a protective barrier to the environment.

Skin Science Spotlight:

Putting the Climate-Smart® Concept Into Action

Our biochemists in the Pour Moi lab in France developed the climate-specific formulations by selecting different types of hydrators and key ingredients — we call them Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs) — based on the following scientific criteria and data:

  1. Published scientific information on pharmaceutical studies and medical research on how skin functions change with changing climates and how skin penetrates topical ingredients in different climates.
  2. Data collected in trials and a pilot study with patients in climate chambers, simulating the four different climate conditions so formulations would consistently hydrate skin in all climate conditions.
  3. Consumer feedback from hundreds of people who tried the products in different climates and found it to work better than what they used before.

Our promise for your skin is always the same

Beauty. Harmony. Balance. Wellness.

Together, as a system or on their own, all the Pour Moi products deliver predictably on that promise.