Botanical Skincare Ingredients Can Play a Big Role in Protecting Skin from Your Climate

When it comes to effective skincare solutions well-tolerated by most skin types, few ingredients have a better track record than botanicals. Derived from herbs, leaves, roots, fruits, seeds and flowers, powerful botanical skincare ingredients have been used for hundreds of years in climates all over the world to hydrate, soothe, brighten and protect skin.

In addition to their proven efficacy, botanical skincare ingredients are also typically sustainable, earth-friendly options, as well as non-toxic picks for anyone aiming to take her beauty regimen greener. “While things found in nature have been around since we’ve been tracking time, the majority of synthetic ingredients date back no further than 60 years so the long-term effects of using these compounds in skincare are somewhat uncertain,” says Christina Dukes, PharmD, BOPC, a pharmacy specialist.

For all of these reasons, Pour Moi elected to make botanical ingredients a significant player in their skincare products. “It was important to us that Pour Moi’s products contain botanical ingredients because history has shown us that they really do work and they’re typically well-tolerated by skin,” says Ulli Haslacher, Pour Moi founder. “It also makes sense for us to support ingredients that are sustainable and environmentally friends since our skincare brand was founded on the concept of the profound impact of our climate on our complexions.”

So which botanical skincare ingredients will you find in Pour Moi’s products? These are a few of the collection’s most potent natural additives, a brief explanation of what they can do for your face—and the products in which you’ll find them.

Botanical Skincare: Shea Butter

Source: Shea Nut

Benefits: This deeply-hydrating butter protects skin from harsh environmental conditions such as extreme cold and frigid wind.

Find it in: Polar Day Cream; Night Cream


Source: Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato

Benefits: A natural humectant, this botanical skincare ingredient acts like a magnetic sponge, drawing water from the air into your skin to quench thirsty skin cells.

Find it in: Desert Day Cream

Hydrogenated Coconut Acid

Source: Coconut Oil

Benefits: This gentle surfactant keeps grime and debris from building up on the skin; it is especially effective in humid, pollution-heavy climates.

Find it in: Tropical Day Cream

Lactic Acid

Source: Fermented sugar

Benefits: This hard-working alpha-hydroxy acid gently exfoliates, hydrates and acts as a natural humectant, drawing water from the air to satiate dehydrated skin.

Find it in: Hydrating Balancer

Apricot Kernel Oil

Source: Apricot Plant

Benefits: This non-comedogenic oil smooths, plumps and hydrates stressed skin.

Find it in: Night Cream


Source: Olives or Sugar Cane

Benefits: This easily-absorbed skin moisturizer instantly hydrates the skin without clogging pores or imparting a greasy finish. A must for any climate.

Find it in: Every Pour Moi product: Temperate, Tropical, Polar and Desert Day Creams; Black and White Serums; and Night Cream


Source: Rapeseed, Sunflower or Soy

Benefits: This anti-oxidant battles the skin-aging free radicals your skin encounters in the environment (most commonly in UV rays and pollution).

Find it in: Every Pour Moi product: Temperate, Tropical, Polar and Desert Day Creams; Black and White Serums; and Night Cream.