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White Truffle: Food for the Skin

White Truffle: Food for the Skin

Every ingredient in our climate smart skincare is meticulously thought out and artfully chosen for its skin benefits. White Truffle is breaking out of its mold for being known as a delicacy as its benefits are harnessed in medicine and topical skincare. This luxurious super plant has its place on the plate, the medicine cabinet,

Pour Moi Uses Hyaluronic Acid Differently

Pour Moi Uses Hyaluronic Acid Differently

Pour Moi’s complex Réponse du Climat® utilizes Hyaluronic Acid in varying molecule sizes so this powerful, water-holding ingredient works in your favor ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE.  Cinderella has her fairy godmother—you have Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid is a sugar, famous for its ability to hold up to a thousand times its weight in water. No other hydrating ingredient can claim

why we're made in france

Why We’re Made in France

The main ingredient in skincare is water, so we searched the Earth for the purest water and found it in France. We’re Made with French water We are made in France for an important reason. We take pride in Pour Moi—we know our products work, and we know they’re safe for you. This is why we do