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6 Reasons Why The Best Face Moisturizers Have Antioxidants

Best Face Moisturizers: 6 Reasons Why They Have Antioxidants

Antioxidants are like the unsung heroes of skincare. Powerful anti-agers such as retinol and peptides get all the glory for their ability to visibly reverse skin damage caused by environmental and climate aggressors (like sun and pollution), but it’s antioxidants in the best face moisturizers that can stop this damage from occurring in the first

Best Hydration for Face Health When It's Hot and Humid Outside

Best Hydration for Face Health When It’s Hot and Humid Outside

Wanted: best hydration for face in hot, humid weather. During the summer, many of us adopt a simpler approach to beauty. Daily makeup may be dialed down to bronzer, mascara and a swipe of bright gloss. Hair is airdried or twisted into a casual knot at the nape. Even our fragrances (and moods) lighten up

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot Dry Summers

The Best Daily Face Cream for Hot Dry Summers

Here comes the sun. And, depending upon where you live or travel, the low humidity. If you’re living somewhere hot and dry, the best daily face cream for your skin contains an almost-magical concoction you’ve probably never heard of before: Desert Climate Energized Beautifiers (also known as D-CEBS). What on earth are D-CEBS? Unlike conventional

How to Fix Dehydrated Skin- Use Products That Harmonize with Your Climate

How to Fix Dehydrated Skin: Use Products That Harmonize with Your Climate

Wondering how to fix dehydrated skin? When your skin is dehydrated, that means it literally lacks water. It’s parched. Skin becomes dehydrated for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common—and least addressed—is climate. So, how does weather impact your skin’s water content? Very cold, harsh weather dehydrates the skin by triggering inflammation,