Pour Moi Skincare is the world’s first beauty company to formulate climate-specific solutions that uniquely pair skincare with the local weather for optimal skincare results. Founded by European beauty expert Ulli Haslacher, her husband Frank Assumma, and business veteran John Bowlin, the company operates its own climate-controlled warehouse and pick-pack facility.

Pour Moi Skincare’s mission is to defy obsolete conventional wisdom in beauty and provide inventive 21st-century smart solutions that not only transform a “stuck-in-its-way” industry but also how consumers use beauty products for a higher calling. 

We achieve our mission through out-of-the-box thinking backed by a decade of varied medical & scientific research from climatology, pharmacology, dermatology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology, all leading to the creation of a “missing category” in skincare: climate/environment-specific products. 

Global research from leading medical institutions discovered that skin’s biochemistry radically changes in different local climates. Yet traditional skincare doesn’t account for this new understanding and still sells the same products to their customers regardless if they’re in the parched desert climate of Phoneix;  heavy humid air of Miami;  a frigid blizzard in Chicago; or living in the thin, dry alpine air in Denver. 

This is troublesome because now we know that the same cream delivers different results depending on the local climate the consumer is in. That leads to customer dissatisfaction, product returns, lack of brand loyalty, and frustration. It’s clear to us that the root problem in skincare today is that the category that solves this problem is missing: climate-specific formulations. There has been impressive innovation on the ingredient and raw material side in the last decade but a huge gap in applying these advanced technologies to how skin actually works until Pour Moi Skincare. 

Named by Mintel (leading industry independent research firm) a beauty disruptor and one of 2020 TIME 100 Best Inventions of the Year (Category: beauty/skin care), Pour Moi Skincare received so far 3 US patents and 7 International patents for Climate-Smart skincare.