A Vegan Moisturizer for Vegans and Other Compassionate Humans

By: PourMoi

Already a Vegan at Mealtime? Let Pour Moi Take You to the Next Level with a Vegan Moisturizer.

Veganism is about more than what you eat. Let Pour Moi’s vegan moisturizer up your skincare game without compromising your principles or breaking the bank.

Want to take your vegetarianism to the next level? Go vegan! Want to take your veganism to the next level? Go vegan…with skincare. Veganism has been all the rage for the health-conscious animal lovers among us for a while now, but there’s a lot more to it than just cutting out meat and dairy. There are many advantages to a vegan lifestyle, including health benefits, the ability to shrink your environmental footprint, and standing up for the ethical treatment of animals. But the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle go well beyond just what you eat. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it’s no wonder that vegan skincare products are on the rise.

According to Google’s 2017 Beauty Trends Report, the demand for vegan skincare products has skyrocketed in the last year, and is only becoming more and more popular. So, what is vegan skincare? Simply put, vegan skincare products are created without the use of ingredients from animals or animal byproducts. As consumers have grown more and more aware of the effects these ingredients have on themselves and the environment, the growing vegan skincare trend has exploded.

People are seeking out safe, ethically made products almost wherever you look! In general, vegan products are made with minimal, natural ingredients that nourish the skin rather than cause irritation. They’re ideal for those with sensitive skin who often find themselves combatting irritation and redness. Vegan skincare also offers consumers more of a look into where and how their products are made, which is particularly useful nowadays, when knowing how and why a skin product works for your skin is increasingly valuable.

So where can you find a vegan moisturizer that will protect your skin and your values? Pour Moi’s cruelty-free and vegan line of climate-specific moisturizers will help you take your values on the go. All of Pour Moi’s products are vegan and designed specifically to work for the climate you’re in. So, you can buy skincare products tailored to any climate without having to worry about where it came from or what’s in it. Pour Moi wants your skin to be happy and healthy, all while staying in tune with the environment. Pour Moi focuses more on what’s actually in their products, creating an unparalleled line of ethically made products that actually work.

Certain sacrifices must be made when you switch to a vegan diet (are you really ready to bid farewell to Ben & Jerry’s?). But there’s no sacrifice at all when you switch to vegan skincare. Pour Moi’s vegan moisturizer is loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. When it comes to vegan skincare, you can have your (egg-free, dairy-free) cake and eat it too with Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart set of vegan moisturizers.