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SPECIAL: Hockey Mom MN Skin-Saving Kit / Twin Cities / Hawaii / Palm Springs / All Regions


STEP 1: The Hydrating Balancer

It feels like drinking your first glass of vitamin water.

WHAT IT DOES: Our quenching Hydrating Balancer restores your skin’s pH balance, deeply hydrates and provides the first layer of high-performing anti-aging ingredients.

WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE: Easy! Choose “Rich” for seasons & places where the air is dry and “Light” for seasons & places where its humid.



STEP 2: The Serum

It makes your skin even smarter.

WHAT IT DOES: Our drenching Serum, rich in cutting-edge antioxidants, peptides, vitamin ACE and bio-actives, helps your skin maximize its own repair and rejuvenation abilities for extraordinary visible results. You can actually feel it working from the moment it glides upon your skin.

WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE: Choose Blue Serum in very humid climates; White Serum when its comfortable & easy outside ; and use the Black Serum in dry climates.



Step 3: Climate-Specific Day Cream

It helps  your skin adapt, repair and protect itself in a specific climate.

WHAT IT DOES: Our climate-specific Day Cream is the first-of-its-kind moisturizer scientifically formulated to help your skin adapt, repair and protect itself in a specific climate.

WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE: Select the Day Cream that matches your day’s weather.  When the climate changes,  simply rotate to another Day Cream that aligns with the new weather …voila, that’s Climate-Smart!

Traditional moisturizing is out: obsolete! Geo-moisturizing is the new and better way to youthful, healthy looking skin.

Climate-Smart® Pour Moi is the world’s first skincare brand to implement what the beauty industry has labeled geo-moisturization: skin hydration based on the location you’re in.